Wicked River has made it to ONE YEAR of being in business in San Antonio. The poker scene is very interesting and surviving in can be quite difficult at times. We have made it to this point with the support of our players, some that come only on the weekends and some that come almost every day of the week. We love seeing everyone and every time we make a change, the talk amongst the players is always fun to hear. When we put in the massage chairs in November, everyone wanted to take a ride in the chairs. Now we’ve done something amazing to change up the room and the players and all of us couldn’t be happier. We built a bar! We put up a 20 foot long bar with a beautiful butcher block counter top on it and behind it we set up all of our snacks and drinks for sale. We are still giving away free beer until we receive our license from TABC to sell beer and wine. We debuted the bar during our Anniversary Week Cash Game Celebration with an event permit for the 8 days of the celebration. Beyond all of the changes to the room, we celebrated one whole year of operation! We wanted to do this Anniversary Week big, so we brought in a very special guest. “FossilMan” Greg Raymer came to town and hosted a Cash Game Clinic on Thursday with co instructor Ruth Hall. It was a huge hit with the 15 players that came to the class. The reviews were great from everyone that attended. No matter what you think you know about your poker playing skills and knowledge, taking a class hosted by an accomplished player, such as Greg Raymer, is so beneficial to everyone’s game. Friday night, FossilMan hosted a $4/8 Dealer’s Choice game that started at 6:30pm and ran till about 5:30am on Saturday morning. I heard players talking about how cool it was to play with a WSOP Main Event Champion. We awarded over $15,000 in promotional money throughout the week, had 8 different promotions, a Main Event Champion taught a class and played for 4 days at Wicked River, and we saw a lot of new faces, and hosted MUGs with Poker Traveler, FossilMan, and Chorizo Time. Players that were playing all across San Antonio were talking about Wicked River all week long. We can’t wait to do this again and we will not wait until February 2023 to do it again. We are working on some even bigger things to come, and this first anniversary was just the start. We will continue to have the best promotions in town and we will continue to bring in pros from all specialties of poker to help expand these amazing games that are played all over the world!

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